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19 Jan. 22

How to Remove and Replace a Clogged Shower Head

You recently bought a new high-pressure rainfall shower head. The only thing standing in your way of relaxation now is the old, calcified shower head you want to replace — and it won’t budge! Don’t be concerned. This guide has been put together by our expert team to help you remove and replace your stuck shower head like a pro. You’ll be able to unwind in no time.


  • A tarpaulin or a garbage bag
  • pliers or a wrench
  • Tape for plumbers
  • Vinegar
  • A gallon-sized bag
  • Stainless steel wool


Safeguard Your Bathtub and Other Bathroom Fixtures

Preparing the bathroom area is the first step in replacing your shower head. To begin, turn off your water supply to avoid any surprises. Then, in your bathtub, place a tarp or garbage bag. Rust shavings can make a big mess, so making sure any falling metal doesn’t scratch your tub is always a good idea.

Take Out Your Old Shower Head

Before grabbing your wrench or pliers, try removing your shower head by hand one more time. If it still won’t twist off, wrap plumber’s tape around the sharp teeth of your wrench or pliers to reduce the amount of rust, mineral, or metal shavings that fall while you work. This will also assist you in preserving your shower head in case you decide to keep it or install it elsewhere.

Try twisting the shower head with your wrench or pliers now that you have more leverage. You can finish removing the shower head by hand once it is moving.

If it still won’t budge, fill a gallon bag halfway with vinegar, tie it around the shower head, and soak it overnight. The vinegar will dissolve rust and other minerals, making it much easier to remove the shower head the following morning.

Shower Pipe Cleaning

Now that your shower head has been removed, it’s a good time to clean the pipe threads so that your new shower head doesn’t suffer from corrosion right away. Scrub the pipe threads with steel wool and vinegar to remove rust and mineral buildup from every crevice.

Install Your Replacement Shower Head

Wrap the clean pipe threads with plumber’s tape to prevent shower head leaks and install your new shower head according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Turn your water main back on, pull back your tarp, and take a shower with your new shower head. Keep an eye out for any leaks. If the leaks persist, unscrew the new shower head and apply another layer of plumber’s tape.

If plumber’s tape does not stop the leaks, you may have a more complicated plumbing issue that only a professional can diagnose.

Cleaning Your Shower Head With Vinegar

Set a reminder once a year to perform a quick vinegar cleanse to keep your shower head replacement clean and working properly. Simply tying a bag of vinegar around the shower head and leaving it overnight will dissolve any rust or mineral buildup that is causing leaks.


Do you want a professional to replace your shower head? Our Bromley heating engineers and licensed plumbers can install or repair any brand, make, or model of shower head. When you contact us, you can expect exceptional service from an expert plumber who arrives quickly and has the tools and knowledge to solve any plumbing problem on the first visit.

We’ll gladly replace your stubborn shower head if you call or schedule an appointment online.