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19 Jan. 22

How to Unclog a Garbage Disposal in a Safe Way

Because you rely on your garbage disposal to speed through kitchen cleaning tasks on a daily basis, it can be aggravating when it becomes clogged. Even if you don’t immediately know what’s causing a humming disposal, it’s usually a simple fix. Here’s a how-to guide compiled by the plumbing experts at local plumber bromley to assist you in safely unjamming your garbage disposal.


If you hear your disposal humming, it’s more likely that there’s a jam somewhere inside the machine than that it’s time to replace it. The following are the most common causes of a clogged or humming garbage disposal:

Seeds or pits: If you’ve recently carved a melon or sliced fruit with a pit near your kitchen sink, the seeds or pits may have fallen into the disposal. You most likely heard a thunk sound from a fruit pit, but seeds can be sneaky. Seeds will take root in the moist environment of the disposal and jam the blades if given the chance.

Ground coffee: While your morning coffee may keep you going all day, it has the opposite effect on your disposal. Over time, coffee grounds dull the disposal blades.

Eggshells: It’s not always the shell that causes a garbage disposal jam; it’s the stringy membrane, which can also cause a lingering odor that you’ll have to clean. As a result, it’s best to dispose of eggshells in the trash rather than the disposal.

Grease: Allowing cooking grease to cool and solidify can be a nightmare for disposal blades and cause drain clogs that are difficult to clean. If your garbage disposal is humming, the drain is clogged, and there isn’t a solid object jammed in the blades, grease could be the culprit.


Even if you turn off the disposal, you should treat the area around the blades of your garbage disposal in the same way you would handle a kitchen knife when slicing vegetables near your fingers.

When unjamming your disposal:

Try the following: If you don’t see any visible obstructions, your garbage disposal may need to be reset. Disposals can overheat and shut down automatically at times. Turn the disposal back on by pressing the reset button on top of it under the sink. If that doesn’t work, there could be a jam, or it could be a sign that your disposal needs to be replaced.

Turn off the power: To eliminate the possibility that your disposal will restart at any time, turn it off. Depending on the manufacturer, there may be a switch beneath the sink, but you can also flip the breaker in your kitchen.

Tongs or a long spoon are recommended: By removing the obstruction with a long object, you can avoid direct contact with the blades. If you must touch the blades with your fingers for any reason, make sure you’ve eliminated the possibility that the disposal will turn itself back on automatically by following the steps above to turn off the power.


Fortunately, keeping your garbage disposal clean to reduce the likelihood of a jam is simple. Fill your sink with 2 cups of ice and 1 cup of salt, turn on the water, and run your garbage disposal. This should be done at least once a month to keep your garbage disposal free of jams.


You’ll be able to solve most stuck disposal issues now that you’ve learned a few tips for staying safe while attempting to unjam your garbage disposal. However, calling a professional plumber is the safest way to clear a clog. Our certified plumbers have unjammed thousands of disposals and can arrive at your home quickly and safely to solve any plumbing problem.

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